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Workshop: Standards & Practices in Evaluating Development
Event date:
03 August 2008
Venue: University of Bamako, Mali
Objectives: 6-day workshop, August 3-8, 2008
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Annual Praxis Commune on Participatory Development
Event date:
19 August 2008
Venue: KILA Campus, Thrissur (Kerala), India
Objectives: 9-day residential workshop (19 - 28 August 2008) acts as a forum for participants from across the world to come together for reflection and learning.
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Evaluation: Professional Development Series of Workshops
Event date:
22 August 2008
Venue: Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, California,USA
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Training for Evaluation
Event date:
02 September 2008
Venue: Brussels, Belgium
Objectives: TrainEval offers an answer for experts operating in a market that is growing increasingly more professional by imparting evaluation theory, applied knowledge and the ability to for plan, conduct and steer development evaluations.

In the course of 4 modules, participants will be acquainted with the context and process of a development evaluation.
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The Third High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness (HLF 3) : Government of Ghana
Event date:
02 September 2008
Venue: Accra, Ghana
Objectives: Workshop 2-4 September. The primary intention of the HLF 3 is to take stock and review the progress made in implementing the Paris Declaration
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Development Evaluation Training: Czech Republic
Event date:
15 September 2008
Venue: Kamenice nad Lipou, Czech Republic
Objectives: 6-day workshop presented by Ray C. Rist, Linda G. Morra and Petr Halaxa.
15-20 September 2008
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Summer School on Monitoring & Evaluating Poverty Reduction and Social Inclusion Programmes
Event date:
22 September 2008
Venue: Bologna, Italy
Objectives: This is a 6-day course, (22 – 27 September 2008), delivered in English. This year the University of Bologna Summer School offers a focus on the practical approaches to monitoring and evaluating International Development Programs for Poverty Reduction and Social Inclusion. Trainers are both academics and practitioners, all outstanding experts in their field. Highly interactive, with extensive use of practical exercises, the course provides an introduction to evaluation of these increasingly important approaches to development.
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Ensuring effective Performance Through Evaluation
Event date:
26 September 2008
Venue: Yerevan, Armenia
Objectives: 2 day Conference : 29-27 Sept: International Program Evaluation Network
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European Evaluation Society Conference
Event date:
01 October 2008
Venue: Lisbon, Portugal
Objectives: 3 day Conference, 1-3 October 2008
"Building for the Future: Evaluation in Governance, development and progress."
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UKES Annual Conference 2008, October 2008
Event date:
22 October 2008
Venue: The Bristol Marriott Royal Hotel, Bristol, UK
Objectives: 2-day conference, preceded by a day of professional development workshops.
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American Evaluation Association: AEA Conference: Evaluation Policy and Evaluation Practice
Event date:
05 November 2008
Venue: Denver, Colorado
Objectives: 4-day Conference, 5-8 November
Workshops: 3-5 and 9 Nov
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AfrEA-NONIE-3ie International Conference on Impact Evaluation for Development Effectiveness
Event date:
30 March 2009
Venue: Cairo, Egypt
Objectives: 5-day Conference: 30 March -3 April 2009
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