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Invitation to Participate in a discussion on the Impact Evaluation Gap - 13 February 2007

The Center for Global Development has recently launched an initiative called 'the evaluation gap'. This initiative called for more impact evaluation, as it appears to the tenants of the evaluation gap that there is indeed a gap between the desired and actual levels of impact evaluation.
For more information, please visit the CGD web site:

Following this initiative, the CGD issued a public call for action, to foster Independent Impact Evaluation of Social Sector Programs and Policies and offer the opportunity to sign in support of the call. The call for action can be found at:

This initiative has generated a lot of discussion and debate among the development evaluation community. IDEAS would like to develop a formal and coordinated perspective on this topic and the IDEAS board feels that it is its role and responsibility to develop and adopt a stand regarding such an initiative.

In order to develop a response that will reflect IDEAS members’ vision and values and that will also be within the boundaries of the IDEAS constitution and stated mission, the Board wished to consult with IDEAS members – you – in order to develop such a position.

The objectives of the consultation are:
* To understand what IDEAS members think of the Call for Action, and more particularly the five underlying principles;
* To develop an official position that reflects IDEAS membership’s vision vis-à-vis the call for action; and
* To present the position at next Annual General meeting for discussion and potential adoption, in Bogota, May 2007.

In order to accomplish this, I strongly encourage you to join IDEAS’ forum, reserved for members only: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/IDEAS-Int/ .
To join, please send an email to List owner: and CLEARLY indicate in the subject line that you are an IDEAS member and have been invited to join the forum for impact evaluation gap discussion.

IDEAS will launch a discussion and close it around mid-March with a short survey that will facilitate collection of your opinions and generation of a consolidated position vis-à-vis this issue.

I look forward to your participation, and hope that you will respond positively by joining the forum to ensure that we arrive at a position that reflects your vision and values.

Marie-Hélène Adrien
President, IDEAS

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