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The International Development Evaluation Association (IDEAS) was inaugurated in September 2002 to help fill a gap in the international evaluation architecture.

IDEAS' mission is 'to advance and extend the practice of development evaluation by refining methods, strengthening capacity and expanding ownership', with a particular focus on developing and transitional economies.

IDEAS focuses on three major themes:

  • Enhancing Conceptual Thinking in Development Evaluation
  • Governance and Accountability for Development
  • Strengthening Development Evaluation Practice

IDEAS' strategy aims to promote and advance evaluation as a key tool for development effectiveness, transparency and accountability in policy-making, social and organisational learning. 

Asset Afrika presents a series of workshops
Monday   22-Sep-14   09:00 AM
till: Friday   31-Oct-14   05:00 PM
22 September  31 October
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Conflict-Sensitive Project Planning, Management, Monitoring and Evaluation
Sunday   12-Oct-14   09:00 AM
till: Friday   24-Oct-14   05:00 PM
A 2-week course organized by the Austrian Study Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution.
Date: 12 - 24 October 2014,
Location: Peace Castle Schlaining, Austria
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Shanghai International Program for Development Evaluation Training (SHIPDET) 2014
Monday   13-Oct-14   09:00 AM
till: Friday   24-Oct-14   05:00 PM
Core Course: October 13-18, 2014
Specialized Courses: October 20-24, 2014
Location: Asia-Pacific Finance and Development Center (AFDC), Shanghai, China
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Global Evaluation Agenda for the period 2015-2020: join the Webinar!

MS Word UNICEF TOR Nov 13 2014
Published: Saturday   18-Oct-14
Adobe PDF UNICEF RFP 13 Nov 2014
Published: Saturday   18-Oct-14
Roundtable on Global Evaluation Agenda 2016-2020
Published: Monday   06-Oct-14
A roundtable consultation was organized on September 26, 201...
IDEAS Professionalization
Published: Monday   06-Oct-14
Presented at the EES Biennial Conference
Dublin, October...
Are Evaluation Competencies Useful?
Published: Monday   06-Oct-14
A Look at a Follow-Up Survey on the IDEAS Competencies...

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