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  The IDEAS Global Assembly 2011 was held in Amman, Jordan, from 11 to 15 April. 

The theme for the 2011 Assembly was "Evaluation in Turbulent Times: The Crises of Food, Fuel, and Finances." This addressed one of the most pressing problems and challenges of the developing world--how to cope with the consequences of economic turbulence. Times of turbulence are disruptive to all countries, but especially so to those that are developing. The Assembly brought together global experts to discuss the ramifications of this turbulence, specifically in the areas of food, fuel, and finances. They discussed the challenges, the realities, and the ways forward. To date, no evaluation association anywhere in the world (and now now there are more than 50 of them) has taken on this theme for their annual meeting. Thus this IDEAS Assembly was ground breaking and innovative.

Papers, panels, and small group discussions addressed all three of these substantive areas and their implications for development evaluation. In addition, three keynote speakers addressed these issues at Assembly-wide plenary sessions.

As with the 2009 Assembly, it is planned that a book including the key papers and presentations will be prepared for publication. 

The complete Conference Programme has been provided, and in order to simplify searches for documents, the conference papers have been grouped into several broad topics which follow the programme  (see below).

·         Building Evaluation Capacity in Response to the Paris Declaration

This strand focuses on the commitments made in the Paris Declaration to strengthen monitoring and evaluation systems in order to track development performance.
·         Evaluation issues in the MENA region
Numerous papers were devoted to issues affecting the Middle East and North Africa

·         Institutional capacity building
When the focus is on institutional capacity building, issues of supply versus demand in the public, private, and NGO/CSO sectors of society are immediately apparent. The role of evaluation associations, standards for evaluation performance, the role of credentials, national evaluation policies, and incentives for quality evaluations are all significant issues.
·         Regional Responses/Regional Strategies for building Evaluation Capacity
This topic examines regional efforts and strategies being deployed to strengthen evaluation capacity in turbulent times.
·         Country / Sector Specific Responses for Building Evaluation Capacity
Case Studies from a range of countries and organizations provide insight into different ways of building Capacity in turbulent times .
·         Evaluation Capacity Building — Tools, Techniques, and Strategies
Capacity building involves multiple tools, techniques, and strategies. This topic examines the success (or not) of these different components of capacity building.
·         IDEAS ITIGs 
A look at the first 4 ITIGs approved by the IDEAS Board
·         Country-Led Evaluation
A series of case studies analyse and evaluate Monitoring and Evaluation efforts in a range of countries.
·         General Sessions
Please contact the IDEAS Administrator if you wish to access any of the papers listed in the Programme.

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